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You can read my bio if you wish or what most nutritional people want to put on their site "My Story" which tends to be long boring paragraphs about things that probably don't matter to you anyway.  Here's what I think matters.  I'm well educated on the topic of nutrition, behavioral change, exercise, mental health and addiction.  When I don't know something or your needs exceed my skill set, I'll refer you to someone in my network smarter than me.  Lastly, I was sick, most of it arguably self-inflicted by poor eating, lifestyle choices, mental health (trauma/depression), and addiction.  I ran through the typical channels; therapy (lots), treatment (many times), and medication.  Some helped, most didn't, some made problems worse. The final word on that is that if I relied on those models or someone else to get me well, I'd be dead.  I got well and have sustained my health through diet and exercise (yoga for me).  My turning point?  You alone have to take control of your life.  No excuses, no blaming.  There is no pill, person (that includes me), program, or thing that is going to fix you.  You are.  

I work with men, couples, and families.   


Experience - may matter to you

With an international background spanning the United States, Europe and Asia, Jeff has an extensive experience base working with individuals, couples, and families around developing healthy lifestyles.  His extensive knowledge and personal lived experience with a mental health diagnosis and addiction, make him uniquely qualified to work as a change agent in people's lives.

Prior to establishing his nutritional and recovery consultancy, Jeff worked domestically and internationally with secondary schools, universities, and government entities establishing prevention and intervention programs for substance abuse.  A key figure in the independent school, international school, and US embassy system community, Jeff led efforts establishing long-standing evidence-based programs and policies leading to reductions in alcohol and other drug use.  Jeff was the first person to write about and bring awareness to the drug trends of synthetic marijuana (known as Spice) and bath salts through national TV appearances on the Today Show, The View, and FOX News.  

A regular and popular guest on regional and national TV, Jeff could be seen frequently on The Today Show, The View, Fox News, and MSNBC.  Jeff's articles and comments have appeared in national and regional publications like The Boston Globe, Independent School Magazine, The New York Post, Educational Digest, The Boston Herald, Parent Magazine, to name a few.  

Jeff holds a graduate certificate as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant and Practitioner with the Nutritional Therapy Association.  He is a Certified Peer Specialist in Massachusetts, RYT-200 Registered Bikram Yoga Teacher, Y12SR Certified Leader, Restart Nutrition Certified Leader, Certified Primal Health Coach, and student at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA in the Counseling Psychology program. 


MEDIA- Yup I wrote a book

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