Nutritional Therapy for Men 

Men, like all other segments of our society, have their own special dietary needs. Most active, productive men need a nutrient dense diet and a good supplement program to protect them from illness, increase vitality, and reduce the risk of degenerative disease.  

With a proper functional evaluation which includes determining the foods you like to eat, skill sets you already have or need to develop, and your current emotional connections to food, we can work together to develop a relationship to nourishing your body that is meaningful and achieves your goals.  

My approach to nutrition is based on an evolutionary biology perspective, commonly called Paleo, Primal or Ancestral nutrition.  I believe in whole foods, prepared properly, that are delicious and nourishing can heal your life.  All plans and programs are individualized because no one person is the same.

You'll discover highly effective, non-pharmaceutical, side-affect free interventions for disorders like obesity, depression, anxiety, ADD, addictions, and mental health issues. You will get the tools and knowledge to approach these challenges with a new perspective, hope, and zest for life. Headaches, stress, poor digestion, blood sugar regulation, and hormone irregularities are common issues facing men and men in seeking recovery from addiction.    

Goals With Nutritional Therapy

  1. Avoid nutrient deficiencies - like drinking soda, processed foods, sugar, etc..
  2. Provide all the nutrients in the right amounts to maintain healthy function.  This may include more than what is recommended (DRI's) based on your own lifestyle and issues (addictions for example).
  3. Finally, use nutrition in a way that supports optimum health. 

Common Issues for Men

  • Loss of energy and zest for life
  • Poor concentration (brain fog)
  • Sexual dysfunction - reduced libido 
  • Digestion and Constipation 
  • Depression
  • Alcohol and/or drug abuse or over-use
  • Anger


Functional Evaluation and 2 Consults

3 Session Minimum $350.00

Packages of 3 can be purchased (discounted) or hourly 75 per hour after the initial Functional Eval.