Men in their 40’s and 50’s - what is often described as the middle passage require a different approach to fitness, nutrition, and well-being.  For most, the days of hanging in the gym for hours to achieve a chiseled physique is not practical with the demands of family and work life.  Men at middle age are more prone to injury and need more recovery time.

Yoga, specifically, offers something more, something deeper for men along the middle passage who either consciously or unconsciously are wrestling with big questions that are only asked at middle age.  For instance, What now? Who am I? What do I want the second half of my life to look like?  Unlike regular exercise, yoga's impact on the mental and spiritual dimension of our lives is unavoidable. For this reason, yoga offers men along the middle passage a deeper exploration and connection to who they are, who they want to be, and what's the point of all this?       



Private Yoga | Training Session

75 (per hour)

Public Sessions
Open Door Yoga, 10 Center Street, Easton, MA 

10:00 Saturday Mornings  90 min Hot Yoga