Addiction Support

One of the toughest challenges any individual or family with face is that of addiction.  Often, because of limitations of time and access, therapists, counselors and treatment centers are not enough.  When a more personalize approach is needed, the Recovery Coach approach may be ideal for you and your family.   

Yoga | Fitness

For thousands of years yoga has provided a physical, emotional and spiritual path for healing.  We provide private and group yoga sessions for men looking to create and restore health in their lives, improve mobility, cope with cravings from addictions, and address trauma and PTSD.  Yoga is ideal for fitness and overall well-being.  

Nutritional Coaching

One of the least intrusive and effective treatment options for mental health and addiction is food.  Food can be used as a medicine. With proper nutrition, many of the health risks associated with poor lifestyle choices can be reversed.  Mental health condition can be triggered by poor food choices like sugar and other excessive carbohydrate intake.